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The Hobbymaster Events Schedule for April 2017 is here! Check out the events for Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna.
HobbyMaster here to present another BIG tournament! Win up to 9 boxes of Amonkhet booster boxes!!! A great chance to practice for the upcoming GP Sydney!
Hobbymaster is always on the lookout for cards so every week we will be bringing you our Weekly Hot Buys list. These are cards we need to get in stock and as such we are offering higher than normal buy prices on these. Check your collection and bring them in for Cash or Store credit.
Hobbymaster is proud to present the Amonkhet pre-release. Join us for a weekend of card slinging action in the plane of Amonkhet. Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna will give players a chance to crack packs, build decks and play for prizes.
Hobbymaster is always on the lookout for cards so every week we will be bringing you our Weekly Hot Buys list. These are cards we need to get in stock and as such we are offering higher than normal buy prices on these. Check your collection and bring them in for Cash or Store credit.
  MTG Standard Booster packs, Bundles, and fatpacks will be on special all through April. Head in store
HobbyMaster here to give our community a chance to win something BIG!!! Win up to a case of Modern Master 2017 Boxes!!!
【MTG】 HobbyMaster Win Multiple Modern Master Boxes pre-registration is now up! Go to the link here to sign up now -
    【MTG】 HobbyMaster Frontier Constructed Tournament!!!   Come and join us for on
  Time:  3/17(Friday):1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm 3/18(Saturday):11am, 1pm, and 3pm 3/19(Sunday)
Hello everyone! Pre-order for Modern Masters 2017 booster box is ready on our website!!! Don't miss your chance to get one of the best set in MTG History!!!
This time, Doug is taking a break from board games and is playing some good old fashioned kitchen table magic, or Commander as i'm told the kids call it these days...
HobbyMaster Takapuna - Return to School MTG Special Event!
Commander and Conquer - 'Combo Dan' takes you through how to build a killer EDH deck, from start to finish. Check out his first article.
The Hobbymaster Events Schedule for February 2017 is here! Check out the events for Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna.
Down to brew - Joshua explores some of the more fun and varied approaches to deck building.
Aether Revolt release is only a few weeks away so make sure you pre-order everything in time for release on the 20th of January.
The Hobbymaster Events Schedule for January 2017 is here! Check out the events for Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna.
You can book in-store or online at Plus all players who book in for all six pre-releases go into a draw for a Planechase Anthology set.
This week we have three cards that were are looking for any versions. We will be happy to take foil, duel deck or promo versions of the following cards: Surgical Extraction, Engineered Explosives and Golgari Grave-Troll.
Due to Monday and Tuesday being public holidays our courier won't be picking up orders till the Wednesday. To make up for it, Hobbymaster is going to be giving away a box of Eternal Masters! To enter, make an order of $20 of singles or more, add the 'random booster' at checkout and you could be one of 24 lucky players to have your booster be upgraded to an EMA booster.
HobbyMaster now has Unlimited POWER back in stock!
Frequently asked questions about order shipment.
Hobbymaster is always on the lookout for cards so every week we will be bringing you our Weekly Hot Buys list. These are cards we need to get in stock and as such we are offering higher than normal buy prices on these. Check your collection and bring them in for Cash or Store credit.
Get ready for the festive season with the Hobbymaster December events schedule.
All MTG Singles online or In-store 10% discount (Online orders please use discount code boxing16 when checking out, code usable from the 26/12/16)Q
Johannes Voss' Token Collection Packs are now available at
Interested in playing Pandemic? Join one of our new authors Doug Moore as he takes you on a wild journey to save the world.
The October Events Schedule is here for Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna.
The Hobbymaster November 2016 Schedule is here! Check out the events for our Ellerslie and Takapuna stores.
Kaladesh release is here so now is the time to get your orders in for Kaladesh Singles and Sealed product!
Get ready for Kaladesh release weekend! This Friday see’s the release of Kaladesh with Boosters, Fatpacks and Booster boxes will be available. All our events will allow you to win Kaladesh boosters and play in any event to take home the release weekend promo Saheeli’s Artistry (While stocks last).
Pre-release for Kaladesh is almost upon us so now is your chance to pre-register for our events. Secure your spot early so you don't miss out!
Hobbymaster needs you! Want to write articles for the Hobbymaster website? Want to earn some sweet store credit before xmas?
The Hobbymaster PPTQ Dublin season is finally here! This is your last chance to gain qualification for the Regional PTQ for Pro-Tour Dublin. Join us at Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna for our Modern PPTQ Season.
the new events schedule for Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna is here!
The Eternal Formats are deep and full amazing cards. If you haven’t delved into the Eternal formats like Legacy and Vintage this week we are going to highlight a few of the staples of these formats…
Join us for the Conspiracy two Launch Party Saturday 27th August at Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna. We will be running draft pods of conspiracy all day with drafts firing at 11am, 1pm and 3pm and we will fire more on demand. Each eight man pod will draft and split into four player pods to duke it out for Conspiracy glory. Every player is guaranteed one booster pack for prizes with the winner of each pod taking home three boosters.
The Hobbymaster August events schedule is now up!
Finally the Eldritch Moon rises! The latest set for Magic the Gathering is finally in-store and online ready for you to pick up.
Pre-release is over but that means this Friday is Eldritch Moon release day!!! So remember there are a whole heaping of events going on at Hobbymaster this weekend
The new events schedule for July is finally here. Check out the events for both Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna.
The true enemy stands revealed, Emrakul awakens on the plane of Innsitrad… Hobbymaster is proud to present the pre-release for Eldritch Moon, the second set in Shadows over Innistrad block! Join us at either Hobbymaster Ellerslie or Takapuna on the weekend of the 16th & 17th of July.
Pre-registration for the Hobbymaster Ellerslie World Magic Cup Qualifier 2016 is now available.
The Eldritch Moon rises, the true enemy stands revealed and the fate of Innistrad hangs in the balance, in the hands of an unlikely ally...
The Hobbymaster June events schedule is now here!
The spoilers are now hitting the internet and Eternal Masters is looking insane! Hobbymaster is proud to announce our Eternal Masters release weekend events. Hobbymaster will be launching with Midnight drafts at 12:01am on Friday 10th of June.
This weekend we have both Modern and Standard events firing with Win-A-Box Modern and Standard Open. So we have you covered for both formats this Saturday (Please note this is a change from our events previously advertised on our monthly calendar).
The largest event in in the New Zealand Force of Will calendar is coming up with the NZ Grand Prix on the 9th of July. To get you ready for this event Hobbymaster is running our Road to Nationals events this month with events at Hobbymaster Takapuna and Ellerslie.
The Hobbymaster events schedule for our Ellerslie and Takapuna stores is now up!
Shadow over Innistrad Games day is here! This happens Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st of May at Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna.
Shadows over Innistrad is here this weekend and Hobbymaster Ellerslie has a stack of events to keep you occupied this weekend with Sealed League, Modern, Draft and 2HG Sealed.
With Innistrad pre-release up this weekend it seems timely that the new April token must be a Zombie!
The Hobbymaster April Events schedule is now up!
The fight against the Eldrazi is over now it’s time to return to Innistrad…
The Moonlit Savior is now available at Hobbymaster! Grab booster boxes or booster packs now for the latest installment in the Alice Cluster.
Pre-orders for Shadows over Innistrad are now up! Our first wave of pre-orders are available now with Booster boxes, Fatpacks, Gift sets and Intro deck sets now ready for order.
Our brand new token for March is now out. This month Richard 'Podgy Panda' Kuoch brings us his fun loving Saproling to green decks.
The Hobbymaster Events Schedule for our Ellerslie and Takapuna stores is here.
This is it! This really is your last chance to secure byes before Grand Prix Melbourne (being held on the 4th-6th of March). On offer will be byes, boosters and store credit for top finishers.
Holy Warriors Unite Against the Unquiet Dead…Will you defend hope or snuff it out?
Oath of the Gatewatch Games day is here! The weekend of the 13th and 14th of February Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna plays host to two days of Game Day action.
The Star Wars: X-Wing Store Champs season is here and this is one of your first chances to play. Battle it out for exclusive store champ prizes with the winner also taking home a bye at regionals.
The brand new events schedule for Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna.
Check out the brand new Hobbymaster token for February, Elemental by Richard 'Podgy Panda' Kuoch.
The wait is over Oath of the Gatewatch hits the shelves and tables this Friday. Hobbymaster has you covered for Oath with a heap of events the whole weekend at both Ellerslie and Takapuna. Plus every player this weekend recieves a release weekend foil of Endbringer!
Your first chance to win byes for Grand Prix Melbourne at Hobbymaster Ellerslie for 2016 is here.
Hobbymaster is proud to announce that we are adding to the prizes of our morning Oath of the Gatewatch Pre-release flights. We will add an entire box of the new set for the winner of these flights (in the case of a tie the box will be split amongst those players).
Check out the brand new Hobbymaster token for January, Thopter by Richard 'Podgy Panda' Kuoch. All your Hangarback Walker and Thopter Spy Network needs are now covered!
The Hobbymaster January 2016 events schedules for our Ellerslie and Takpuna stores are now up.
For the next three days Hobbymaster gives you or biggest dale in single cards ever with 15% off!!!
The holiday season is upon us so to avoid disappointment check out our opening hours through the Christmas and New Years holidays:
The Brand new Force of Will Starter Decks are now in-stock on Hobbymaster. These five new decks give you are great way of getting Force of Will or building a new deck for current players.
Registration for Oath of the Gatwatch is now up! Check out our Pre-release events to be held on the 15th to the 17th of January at Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Hobbymaster Takapuna.
Check out the brand new Hobbymaster token for December, Ashaya, the Awoken World.
It’s been amazing year for Force of Will and it’s time for our end of year Christmas tournament!!!
The Hobbymaster Events Schedule for the Holiday season is now here.
Our First wave of Oath of the Gatewatch pre-orders are now up. Get these now while they last!
Commander 2015 arrives with five new pre-constructed decks for the format.
The Battle for Zendikar Holiday Gift Box hits the shelves this Friday so now is your chance to put one on order.
The brand new Hobbymaster Token for November is here!
The November events schedule for Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna is now up.
The very first Regional Pro-Tour Qualifier to be held in New Zealand will be hosted at Hobbymaster Ellerslie on Saturday 31st of October. In addition to the main event we are running a full range of public events if you aren’t qualified for the main event.
Last weekend Hobbymaster Ellerslie was host to a bunch of standard players and in the end it was Esper Dragons vs Atarka RG. Nathan Samu with his Become Immense and Temur Battle Rage took the victory. So this weekend standard in both forms is back at both Hobbymaster stores.
Henry Moore gives us the tale of his trip to Japan for Force of Will Worlds in part one of his report, read it here, Worlds Report.
It’s October and in time for Halloween we have brand new Hobbymaster Token! This month check out our sweet new 2/2 Vampire designed by the amazing Richard Kuoch/Podgy Panda.
New HobbyMaster tokens are now available! This month's token is the Vampire Token (by Richard Kuoch / PodgyPanda!)! New Tokens will be released Monthly! Free with every online purchase made to be shipped.
The new events schedule for Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna.
The first-ever Magic board game features epic spellcasting and tactical movement-based combat.
Hobbymaster Ellerslie is proud to be able to bring the very first Regional Pro-Tour Qualifier to Auckland. Qualified players from New Zealand, Australia and Asia will get the chance to compete for Pro-Tour Qualification.
Battle for Zendikar release weekend is here at Hobbymaster so get ready to fight for or against Zendikar, choose sides and determine a planes fate! Friday and Saturday at Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna get a chance to crack packs and play with this new set.
The Hobbymaster September events schedule for our Ellerslie and Takapuna stores is now available.
The plane of Zendikar stirs and takes up arms once again against the Eldrazi and their spawn… Hobbymaster is proud to invite to fight for this plane at the Battle for Zendikar pre-release. Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna will be filling pre-release weekend with twelve flights on non-stop action...
The latest in the duel deck series previews the upcoming set Battle for Zendikar. Take the battle to the plane of Zendikar with two 60 card pre-built decks.
The Hobbymaster Double Feature PPTQ Weekend is finally here! This weekend get ready for two days of Modern action with back to back Modern PPTQ's.
WMCQ Weekend is almost upon us and this is your only chance to qualify in Auckland. Hobbymaster Ellerslie will host three days of events this WMCQ weekend as player’s quest for that elusive worlds spot.
The Hobbymaster August Events Schedule.
Hobbymaster Ellerslie has now shifted to our new location at 415 Great South Road in Ellerslie. To celebrate the big move we are having our Grand Opening this Friday and Saturday.
Origins arrives tomorrow and Hobbymaster has now has our singles stock listed on the website you can order cards now for pick up in-store this Friday.
You may have heard it coming but now is the time to let you all know that Hobbymaster Ellerslie is moving!
School Holidays are here and if you’re at a loose end we have events each day to keep you occupied!
The full events schedule for Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takpuna for July.
Get ready to explore the origins of the greatest planeswalkers in the multi-verse with Origins, the final core set for Magic the Gathering.
Hobbymaster is now proud to provide HCD card accessories.
Hobbymaster June Events Schedule - The brand new events schedule for Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna.
The next and final core set Origins is arriving on the shelves July. This final core set explores the origins of our favourite planeswalkers Gideon Jura. Jace Beleren, Chandra Nalaar, Liliana Vess and Nissa Revane.
New events schedule is up for Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna for the month of May.
This is it Modern Masters 2015 is the follow up to the massive first Modern Masters set. This set will be chockful of great reprints and is also designed for drafting.
Dragons of Tarkir Gamesday is finally here! This is your chance to win a sweet Sarkhan Unbroken Champion playmat and the sweet Foil full art Thunderbreak Regent and every player receives a full art Scaleguard Sentinels.
The PPTQ season is upon us and Hobbymaster is running back-to-back PPTQ’s and offering up to $500 cash in prizes. The weekend of the 2nd & 3rd of May we will have Standard on Saturday at Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Modern on Sunday at Hobbymaster Takapuna.
April Events Schedule - Ellerslie & Takapuna
Henry Moore brings us another helping of the Moore Report, get ready as he makes his Dragons of Tarkir picks. The Moore Report - So Many Dragons
You heard it renowned Magic Artist Steve Argyle will be our special guest at the Midnight Pre-release at Hobbymaster Ellerslie. Steve will be in-store before the event to sign some cards, play some Commander and to rock the Midnight event with his sealed deck skills. Come and get your Liliana of the Veil and Deathrite Shaman signed by Steve!
Grand Prix Auckland is now only a sleep away and Hobbymaster will be there as one of the exhibitors. We will have our full range of singles on display at Grand Prix Auckland. Because of this there will be delays in Hobbymaster pick up and shipped orders from Thursday 12th through to Sunday 15th.
Get ready for Dragons of Tarkir, pre-orders for Booster boxes, Fatpacks, intro-deck sets and gift sets are now available.
First we were introduced to the Khans of Tarkir, the five warring clans and a world bereft of dragons. Then Sarkhan travelled over a thousand years into the past to the war between the Khans and the dragons…
March is jam packed with events here at Hobbymaster so get yours on over to our event schedules for our Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna locations.
Two great new Articles from Hobbymaster writers Henry Moore and Matthew Miles Watson. Read the Moore Report - Worldwaking in Wellywood Read the Commander's Workshop - Elves, elves, elves
With all the excitement going on with Fate Reforged you might have forgotten that this month is the launch of the latest Duel Deck, Elspeth vs Kiora!
Get ready for a huge range of events from both our Hobbymaster stores in the month of February.
It’s finally 2015 and now Grand Prix Auckland is only months away so we are happy to offer another chance to pick up those precious byes for the Event.
Hobbymaster is looking for a whole heap of cards from this new set. We are interested in all the Mythics and many of the rares.
With Fate Reforged arrives Henry Moore's picks of the best and most impactful cards of the set. Which cards does he dismiss and which does he bet the house on? Found out in this weeks edition of The Moore Report - Fate Reforged Picks.
Fate Reforged is on board this Friday! It’s your chance to pick up boosters, fat packs, boxes and into decks for the newest set in Khans block.
Pre-release for Fate Reforged is almost upon us so now is you chance to pre-register for our all our events.
Check out our January Event Schedules for Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna include Fate Reforged Pre-release events, GPT Auckland and Fate Reforged Release events!!!
Pre-orders for the second set of Khans block are now availabe. Fate Reforged takes us back in time to a war-torn Tarkir where five clans clash with the mighty dragons of the past.
Our new range of deck boxes are in stock.
That's right, it's time for the holidays and we are going to make it easy to find your loved ones the perfect gift.
Last weekend the Hobbymaster Ellerslie Gaming Centre opened. It was a massive three days of events with free standard and draft running Friday night. We then ran the very first Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier in the world!
Dragonshields are back in stock!!!
The Moore Report returns and charts Henry's attempt at PPTQ victory. Have a look at his list and what happened on the day.
Check out our brand new Event Schedules for Hobbymaster Ellerslie and Takapuna:
***Hobbymaster Takapuna Weekly Schedule*** 8/12/14 – 14/12/14 ***Final Week of Commander Club League***Heroclix Hobby League***MTG Super Series Standard***
***Hobbymaster Ellerslie Weekly Schedule*** *** New Commander Club***Standard &Modern Super Series***X-Wing Kessel Run Tournament***
This weekend HobbyMaster will be hosting New Zealand’s first preliminary pro tour qualifier. The winner of this tournament, as well as going home with $1000 cash (!!!), will be invited to play in a regional pro tour qualifier.
Hobbymaster - Two Stores, Big Updates It’s now only days away from the Hobbymaster Ellerslie opening and we thought it might be a good time to give you an update on our two stores and the Hobbymaster website.
The Moore Report returns with Part 2 of Henry's indepth look at standard. This time covering the non-wedge routes to victory.
The Moore Report returns with a two part article looking at Wedges and the nor wedges in the standard format. Part two will be up tomorrow, read todays article here
Duel Decks - Anthology Pre-Order Available Now Never before have so many gathered in one place. These will be fights to remember.
***Hobbymaster Takapuna Weekly Schedule*** ***Super Series $500 MTG Standard***Force of Will Win-A-Box***Heroclix Sealed Hobby League***
Henry Moore is back with a new edition of the Moore Report. This week Henry ponders wether Mono-Blue can make it back to the top post-rotation. Check out The Moore Report
Hobbymaster is proud to resent the debut of writer Henry Moore to our website. Catch his brand new article discussing his thoughts on the new Commander 2014 release here
***Hobbymaster Takapuna Weekly Schedule*** ***Commander Launch Extravaganza*** X-Wing Battle Night***Yu-Gi-Oh Win-A-Box***
This years Commander release is just around the corner and now is your chance to pre-order the full set.
This years Holiday Gift box is finally available for Pre-order. This years Gift box come from Khans of Tarkir and is full with all sorts of Khans goodies:
Free Hobbymaster Scorepad and Pen offer!
Winner of our Ravnica; City of Guilds tournament pack is..
Khans of Tarkir Games day offers a bunch of prizes you can only find at a Games day. Every player will gets the chance to lay their hands on these sweet items: - Heir of the Wilds Full Art Promo – Every player receives one of these badboys! - Utter End Full Art Foil Promo – Every player who makes the Top 8 receives one! - Khans of Tarkir Champion Playmat – Available only to the last man standing, the Champ!
This Week Khans of Tarkir hits the shelves, to give you a chance to be the first in the world to get a hold of it we will be open at Midnight Thursday night/Friday morning so you can get your Khans fix!
The Wait is over and this weekend is Release Weekend for Khans of Tarkir. We have events planned from 12:01am Friday morning and through Saturday as well!!!
Hobby Master is Proud to bring you the most fun magic Pre-release this year!!! Regsitration ONLINE is now available HERE!!! We have a full range of events for the weekend plus food and prizes for all players. ***Friday Midnight Release***Games Night***Magic Quiz Night***
Dice sets and counters are now available at Hobby Master!
Pre-release is just around the corner and everyone one is clawing for a chance to pick up this amazing set. Vagabond Takapuna is proud to present pre-orders for Khans of Tarkir open!!!
Check our the trailer video of Khans of Tarkir here!!!
The Countdown to the final WMCQ of the season has started.
Hobby Master presents Last Chance Qualifiers Saturday 13th of September!
Huge range of restock and new arrivals!!!
The latest Duel Deck is now available on Pre-order
From the Vaults: Annihilation is Here!!!
Journey Into Nyx On Sale NOW!
M15 Themed Ulrtra-Pro Sleeves are now in stock at Hobby Master. These Deck Protectors have Ultra PRO's hologram quality seal.
Our sister store Vagabond Takapuna is hosting it's M15 pre-releases, and we're happy to be taking part! With a huge array of flights over the weekend of Saturday 12th July - Sunday 13th July, spot prizes, new sign-up incentives and even a chance to win a COMPLETE M15 SET (woo!), their M15 pre-releases is going to be AWESOME!
M15 Singles avaialbe for pre-order at Hobby Master now!
Pre-Orders for M15 Core Set are now open!
Our Sister store; Vagabond Takapuna has been chosen to host this years Pro Tour Qualifiers: Khans of Tarkir!
Journey into Nyx Launch Weekend!
The last set in the Theros block, Journey into Nyx is out next month! We're excited to be offering you some sweet sweet pre-order deals!
We're always trying to improve our hobbymaster website with the aim to make your experience with us top notch. After much feedback with our paypal system, we're chuffed to announce that we're now using DPS payments to handle all your credit card and bank deposit transactions!
We've returned from Melbourne with a whole heap of new cards just for you guys! Looking for foreign cards? Foils? The hard to find? We might have it! Shoot us a message at to see if we have what you're looking for!
Pre-order your copy now!
Hobbymaster is excited to be at the Grand Prix Melbourne THIS weekend as a vendor! Due to the Grand Prix in Melbourne, all orders placed through Hobbymaster will be delayed. This will affect all orders placed between Thursday 27th February to Thursday 6th March.
New Born of the Gods playmats, deck boxes and card sleeves just arrived today!!!
We want your Born of the Gods singles! Born of the Gods prerelease weekend has come and gone, and we're looking to stock up. As a bonus, we're offering a 30% store credit trade-in deal if you use our BUY LIST feature!
Zendikar Full Art Lands Back In Stock!!!
Theros Holiday Gift Box is coming!
There are five new one hundred-card decks in this release, each will contain fifteen new cards to Magic...
The Theros Event Deck is called "Inspiring Heroics."
Stand Among Heroes!!!
The Magic 2014 Core Set features 249 black-bordered cards, including randomly inserted premium versions of all cards in the set.
Two new products ready for pre-order! Dragon's Maze Event Deck and Dragon's Maze Japanese booster box! Stocks are limited so place your order now!
Hello everyone! Sorry it's been a while since the last update, we have been away and now we are back to business! A whole lot of new cards will be added to the site in the next couple of days with some super cheap special deal! So make sure you come back in the next couple of days to check those out! :-) Cheers!
MTG Gatecrash is coming!
Interested in winning your very own MTG Commanders Arsenal? Then look no further!
Free 10% off singles promo code here!
Doug's Dungeon - Follow Doug as he delves into board games. This time he SOMETHING, SOMETHING, BLOOD RAGE!
Everyman's guide to Terrain - Jared shows you how to bring your wargames to life. Part 1 - Chest-high walls!

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